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100% PCR Yellow plastic pallet open semi-heavy, 80x120cm

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Product description

A new yellow plastic pallet, with a size of 80x120cm. It concerns a 100% PCR pallet. This is a semi-heavy version. The pallet is entirely yellow and can be ordered in large quantities.

100% PCR pallet

Post Customer Recycling plastic is made from excess household waste or commercial plastic waste. This plastic is mainly used as packaging material. This plastic packaging material is recycled and serves as material for our yellow Plastic Block pallet.

In cooperation with Circular Plastics, we have designed this 100% sustainable circular PCR pallet.

Do you have a broken pallet? Receive compensation for this pallet

Hand in the broken pallet and you will receive compensation for this broken Circular pallet. A unique element of this pallet is the residual revenue when it is handed in, if the pallet is broken. You will always receive a return for a whole plastic pallet. You get money back because this Circular Plastic pallet is a material that we use to make new 100% sustainable circular pallets.

Available in any colour

This pallet can be ordered in 5 colours:

Blue pallet

Yellow pallet

Green pallet

Red pallet

White pallet

Colours on request

Plastic pallets

Pallets are now available in plastic. Plastic pallets have a number of advantages. HT treatment to meet the ISPM 15 requirements for export outside Europe is not necessary with plastic pallets. They do not absorb moisture. Plastic pallets can be easily cleaned to the standards set by HACCP. These standards are important for the storage and transport of products in the foodstuffs sector.

This yellow plastic pallet will be delivered in 17 pieces on one stack.


Product specifications

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