Purchase of redundant pallets

The Palletcentrale buys redundant pallets. We can reuse, recycle or repair your old pallets. Whether you want to sell Euro pallets, single-use pallets, CP pallets or other pallets, please get in touch. Our highest price guarantee guarantees you get the best price for your pallets.

How does it work?

Here is an explanation of how selling pallets works. If you want to sell Euro pallets, we can immediately provide you with a price. Do you want to sell other redundant pallets? Then we would like to receive a photo of the batch of pallets, plus information on size and quantity.

It is also possible for our account manager to visit you to view the batch. You will immediately receive an offer from us.

After we receive the order for collection, we schedule it. Our own transport department ensures rapid removal.

  • We will pick up a minimum of 50 pallets.
  • The pallets must be stacked in safe stacks of max. 16 pallets.
  • A forklift truck must be present on site to load the pallets.
  • You receive a summarised report by email of each batch collected.
  • It is also possible to return the pallets to one of our branches.
  • As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we draw up a CO2 certificate for the purchase of redundant pallets. The certificate is drawn up on the basis of the number of pallets and the weight.

Fill out the form on the right so that we can send a price proposal or contact us by email or call +31(0)168-357010.

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