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Reconditioned pallets

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Buying reconditioned wood pallets

Wooden pallets are available in many shapes and sizes. In the world of pallets, we mainly talk about block pallets, CP pallets, stringer (or 2-way) pallets and EPAL euro pallets. Would you prefer to look for PEFC wood pallets or pallets that comply with the ISPM15 guidelines because the wood is heat treated (HT)? At Palletcentrale, we sell all types of pallets and we carry them in stock in large numbers. If you would like advice on which reconditioned pallets are best for you, one of our employees will be happy to assist you. You can contact us via the contact form or by calling our telephone number.

Selling reconditioned ​​wood pallets

If you want to get rid of any surplus pallets, you can sell them to us. The Palletcentrale sells reconditioned pallets and produces new pallets, so you can hand in your excess pallets to us. Wood pallets are particularly environmentally friendly, recyclable and made from an inexhaustible raw material. Production forests provide wood from which the pallets are made. When pallets are broken they can be restored to their original condition. Pallets that can no longer be repaired serve as raw materials for the green electricity market. The Carbon Footprint of wooden pallets is smaller than that of plastic pallets.

ISPM15 wood pallets

All pallets can also be supplied HT (Heat Treated) in accordance with ISPM15 guidelines. This is a requirement when exporting outside Europe. Are you unsure whether or not your pallet should be treated?
Then check the international requirements.