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EPAL Europallets

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Buying Euro pallets

Euro pallets are the most well known and most used pallets in the market. Often, they are used to transport up to 2000 kg with even weight distribution. In addition, the pallets are also extremely suitable for static use for storing or displaying products. Are you looking for Euro pallets that have been manufactured according to EPAL standards? Then you have come to the right place here at the Palletcentrale. We deliver Euro pallets directly from our offices in Rotterdam, Helmond, Sas van Gent, Noord-Holland and Moerdijk. The pallets have a standard size of 80 by 120 centimetres. A ‘Euro pallet’ can bear the name Euro Pallet if it meets the EPAL requirements. EPAL (European Pallet Association) is the institute that draws up and monitors the standards of the pallets. Our license numbers at EPAL are:

  • Palletcentrale B.V. Moerdijk – NL306,
  • Palletcentrale Rotterdam B.V. – NL330,
  • Palletcentrale Helmond B.V. – NL329,
  • Palletcentrale Noord Holland B.V. – NL332

You can contact us for the following pallets:

  • New Euro pallets: These pallets are supplied HT/KD (Heat Treated/Kiln Dried).
  • 1st choice/A grade Euro pallets: These pallets are light in colour and as good as new.
  • Used Euro pallets: These pallets are of a slightly darker colour. They have been checked and/or repaired in accordance with the EPAL requirements.

Selling ​​Euro pallets

In addition to offering pallets, the Palletcentrale can also buy pallets from you. From a certain quantity, we can even pick up these pallets with our own trucks. The value of the pallets is determined by our own team of specialists. We pay the highest purchase price for both the exchangeable EPAL pallet and other pallets.

ISPM15 Euro pallets

We can also deliver all our Euro pallets HT (Heat Treated) in accordance with ISPM15 guidelines. This is a requirement when exporting outside Europe. Are you unsure whether or not your Euro pallet should be treated?

Then check the international requirements.