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Forecast Customers Palletcentrale B.V.

Due to the continuing shortage on the timber market, we would like to ask you to make a forecast of the pallets you think you will need in the coming months. This way we can respond even better to your wishes and needs.

We ask you to complete this forecast as accurately as possible so that we can serve you optimally. The forecast covers the next 6 to 7 months (until January 1, 2022).


We would like to point out that ordering your pallets well in advance is highly recommended in the current time. The shortage of wood leads to an extreme increase in wood prices and the demand is increasing.

If you have any surplus pallets, please let us know. We buy pallets with the highest price guarantee! We collect your pallets from 50 pieces! In addition, you can also hand in your pallets at one of our locations from 15 pieces. If you are curious about what we pay for your pallets, send a photo to info@palletcentrale, or via whatsapp to 06-48000000.