Corona protocol for
Palletcentrale Groep BV

The Palletcentrale is closely tracking the developments around the Corona virus.
The health of our employees and the continuity of deliveries to our customers have priority.
In the past weeks, we have taken the necessary measures to ensure both.

We would like to inform you of our internal measures at all five of our locations:

  • There is a strict separation between all the departments and functions. Each department is entirely separate; there is no physical contact between them, and communication is done purely via e-mail, telephone and video calls.
  • Every employee who can work from home is working from home.
  • None of our employees travels between our five locations.
  • Every employee with flu, fever or cold symptoms remains at home and avoids social contact.
  • Personnel from various departments are split off, and the working hours are spread out.
  • External drivers must be free the symptoms mentioned in order to be able to enter the premise; they remain in their cabin. With permission, they may be a maximum of 1 metre away from their lorry.
  • For all of our locations: no visits to the office are permitted.
  • Account managers work from home and do not visit customers.
  • Employees must maintain ample distance from each other.
  • At all of our locations, plenty of decontamination supplies have been placed both inside and outside.
  • Employees are required to follow all the hygiene rules set and to wash their hands very frequently.

No cases have been observed within our company.

The understanding of all the employees within our organization for these unusual but necessary measures is enormously high.

All the measures above have been taken to prevent further spread of the Corona virus and to guarantee the continuity of all deliveries. We guarantee the service, quality and delivery reliability that you have come to expect from us.

Should you have questions or want further information, please contact us.

With warm regards,

Employees and Management of Palletcentrale Groep BV