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Plastic Circular Hygiene H-2.O pallet 80x120cm, new

80 x 120 cm
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Product description

Meet the Circular Hygiene Pallet H-2.O, lightweight and suitable for various applications. This plastic pallet has a size of 80x120cm. The pallet is reusable and recyclable. If the pallet is broken, it can be returned in exchange for compensation. A broken pallet will be recycled and serves as raw material for new pallets.

The plastic pallet is very suitable for automatic transport systems. The colour of the pallet is anthracite-grey. This hygiene pallet is food approved, because the raw materials used for this pallet, EVAL LT 182 B, are suitable for direct contact with food.

Summary of the Circular Hygiene H-2.O pallet 80x120cm:

  • European size 1200x800x145mm
  • Used raw material: EVAL LT 182 B
  • Hygienic and 100% recyclable, the pallet is recycled with a perfect carbon footprint
  • Lightweight: 12.5 kg instead of 16-20 kg (industry standard)
  • Perfect for automatic transport systems
  • Provided with Circular Plastics logo as a guarantee of circular quality specifications
  • Data sheets for direct contact with hygiene and formal certifications and specifications
  • Full tracking and tracing of raw material origin
  • Receive compensation for returning the broken pallets

This pallet is at our location in Moerdijk, if you choose to collect, this is only possible at this location. This pallet is delivered in 15 pieces on one stack, ordering in multiples of 15 pieces is the most advantageous.

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80 x 120 cm

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